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Schaefer Auto Art

Assisting in reinventing a local Erie Attraction, with digital illustration designs.

Person Project

Associated Client: Schaefer Auto Art Mckean, PA

Project Synopsis

Creative Advantage

The brand was created as an update to its present design by reimaging how the brand can reflect the value proposition, “bottom line, we cut the right corners for you”

Creative Advantage

This design of the brand translates to a geometric frame, this shows the characteristic of brands and sale’s value. With a single color that represents eachstorefront, the badge also reflected in theglass of the doors with simple outlines.,

Purpose & Function

Resembling No

I created this

Fluid Design

I created Two types of logos that would translate well to multiple materials with efficient design asthetics.

Distribution Services

The concept remains by grabbing attention with impactful imagery and not overwhelming contrast of colors.

Corporate Coop

Developing the brand to expand, I created the concept around the brand showroom locations, both in Northwest Pennsylvania.

Key Attributes

Marketing Materials

Cohesive Design Asthetics

Strategic Industrial Design

Project Details

Agency Campaign

Year | 2017


Marketing Campaign, Print Design,


Photoshop, Illustrator

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